[smokeping-users] Re: CGI Error - Can't locate Pod/Usage.pm in @INC

Niko Tyni ntyni+smokeping-users at mappi.helsinki.fi
Sun Mar 6 20:20:18 MET 2005

On Fri, Mar 04, 2005 at 11:34:06AM -0800, Brian Faulkner wrote:
> I see this error in my apache logs when I run smokeping.cgi; It looks
> like @INC is searching for an older version of perl.  Is my current
> version of perl installed the wrong place or is there something I need
> to change for @INC to have the correct paths?

> Can't locate Pod/Usage.pm in @INC (@INC contains:
> /export/home/brian/smokeping/lib /usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.33/lib/perl
> /usr/perl5/5.00503/sun4-solaris /usr/perl5/5.00503
> # perl -v
> This is perl, v5.8.6 built for sun4-solaris


I think you'll have to recompile speedy to match your perl
installation. Currently it indeed seems to be looking for 5.005_03,
which has disappeared from the system (if it ever was there).


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