[smokeping-users] Re: TelnetJunOSPing module missing

Christian Hahn hahn at berkom.de
Tue Dec 12 14:05:47 MET 2006

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Hi Niko,

finally I got it running by modifying the probe from the
smokeping-20061130_trunk and using that probe in an Smokeping 2.0.9 environment.
The only problem I found was related to the ping command the probes uses on the
Junos router. If no probe source address is defined in the smokeping probe
config the given ping syntax is wrong and the command will not be executed
instead produces an error because the parameter for the "source" keyword is
So I added an if statement that tests for the probe source var and decides which
ping command to run on the router.
In addition some debug printouts where commented out.
You can see all the changes I made in the diff output below.

best regards,

<      print OUTF "Connection is a $ok\n";
- ---
> #     print OUTF "Connection is a $ok\n";
<      @output = $telnet->cmd("ping $dest count $pings size $bytes source
- ---
>        if ( $psource ) {
>        @output = $telnet->cmd("ping $dest count $pings size $bytes source
>        } else {
>        @output = $telnet->cmd("ping $dest count $pings size $bytes");
>        }
<      print OUTF "closed Telnet connection\n";
- ---
> #     print OUTF "closed Telnet connection\n";
<       print OUTF "$outputline\n";
- ---
> #     print OUTF "$outputline\n";

Niko Tyni wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 29, 2006 at 03:30:05PM +0100, Christian Hahn wrote:
>> I have a running smokeping 2.0.9 setup with fping, dns and radius
>> probes. Now I want to use the TelnetJunOSPing probe of smokeping and
>> configured it according to the documentation. But smokeping could not
>> find the corresponding module at reload. I checked and doesn't found
>> the module in /usr/share/perl5/smokeping/Smokeping/probes/
>> Does anybody know where I can find the module for the probe.
> Hi,
> no version with TelnetJunOSPing has been released yet. You can find a
> development snapshot at
> <http://oss.oetiker.ch/smokeping/pub/trunk/>
> Cheers,
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