[smokeping-users] Re: How to interpret tSmoke values?

Dan McGinn-Combs Dan.McGinn-Combs at Geac.com
Tue Jan 3 15:51:10 MET 2006

Good question.
tSmoke was designed to be a management summary reporting tool. For that
reason, the numbers are averages of RRD values showing downtime (i.e.
having lost more than 10% of the PINGS sent out).

The RRD command which extracts this data is
RRDs::graph "fake.png",

It doesn't really create a PNG file, just reports the PRINTed
information which is the average loss. That number is used by CDEF to
create another number (avail) which is a percentage of how many
timeslots had downtime (defined as above).

So if you've changed any of the Smokeping defaults, you will see a
difference. In addition, you might also have a bad circuit which is
lossy causing there to be 10% failures in more slots... causing the
average availability to look very bad.

I hope this helps.

-----Original Message-----

Using smokeping.cgi I can see in a weekly report something like:

Median Ping RTT (160.4 ms avg)
Packet Loss: 67.74%  average   100.00%  maximum    11.03% current
Probe: 10 ICMP Pings (7300 bytes) Every 1800 seconds

BUT with tSmoke the same host returns:
Uptime: 6.19%

I don't know exactly how to interpret this value (6.19%).

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