[smokeping-users] Re: How to interpret tSmoke values?

Edinilson J. Santos edinilson at atinet.com.br
Tue Jan 3 16:59:31 MET 2006

Mr. Dan, thanks for your explanation.
Is it possible to change tSmoke and make it returns only online values 
instead of loss values?
What exactly to change in the code below (inside tSmoke)?
RRDs::graph "fake.png",

Thanks for your help


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Good question.
tSmoke was designed to be a management summary reporting tool. For that
reason, the numbers are averages of RRD values showing downtime (i.e.
having lost more than 10% of the PINGS sent out).

The RRD command which extracts this data is
RRDs::graph "fake.png",

It doesn't really create a PNG file, just reports the PRINTed
information which is the average loss. That number is used by CDEF to
create another number (avail) which is a percentage of how many
timeslots had downtime (defined as above).

So if you've changed any of the Smokeping defaults, you will see a
difference. In addition, you might also have a bad circuit which is
lossy causing there to be 10% failures in more slots... causing the
average availability to look very bad.

I hope this helps.

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Using smokeping.cgi I can see in a weekly report something like:

Median Ping RTT (160.4 ms avg)
Packet Loss: 67.74%  average   100.00%  maximum    11.03% current
Probe: 10 ICMP Pings (7300 bytes) Every 1800 seconds

BUT with tSmoke the same host returns:
Uptime: 6.19%

I don't know exactly how to interpret this value (6.19%).

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