[smokeping-users] Need help urgently-XML format

37asma at niit.edu.pk 37asma at niit.edu.pk
Wed May 3 20:43:13 MEST 2006

hi all,
I need to convert historical PingER data into Smokeping (RRDTool) data in
order to plot it using Smokeping.
PingER is also a network monitoring tool and has enough information
(timestamps for each probe of x number of pings it sends, the round trip
times of each ping, and also the pachet loss), that the Smokeping Database
needs in order  to plot graphs. Actually I can say enough information
because I have compared the pingER text data file with that of Smokepings
file by first converting a .rrd file, generated by Smokeping, into XML

My strategy is to take pingER data and convert it at "run time" into the
XML format and then give it to Smokeping to plot after using "Restore"
function to restore the XML files to .rrd files.

Q1. Is my strategy ok? please guide me. Can I use Update function instead
? If yes how can I use it if the timestamps of PingER data are not exactly
30 min apart (PingER uses a 30 min interval between each probe it sends).
Will I have to know the size of file in advance if I use this strategy.
Also will this method be faster than the one described in paragrah above.

Q2. I there any way in which Smokeping can be configured as :

Site 1 probe
10 pings
300 seconds

//at the same time, in the config file also specify

Site 2 probe
20 pings
300 seconds

//i.e keep interval same but change the number of pings.

You see I need to be able to plot graphs(of historical PingER data) with a
varying number of pings for separate sites.

I am attaching a sample of how pingER data is stored.

Thanxs in advance,

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