[smokeping-users] general overview question

Russell Dwarshuis rjd at merit.edu
Thu Dec 6 23:10:41 CET 2007

I'll take a stab at explaining it, although I'll probably get something 

The smokeping executable collects statistics for the devices defined in 
the config file.  It stores the data in .rrd files in the directory you 
specify in the config file with the 'datadir = /the/path/to/rrd' 
directive.  The config file instructs smokeping to collect the data using 
one or more probe types.  Each probe has his own configuration syntax so 
you'll need to look through the documentation for each.

The smokeping executable can optionally examine the data and email
reports of anomalies (I haven't used this feature yet, though, so I'm no 

The smokeping.cgi has 3 main functions.  It is an interface to select the 
data you want to display, and once you select a device it then reads the 
.rrd files and generates graphics files for display.  Finally, it can 
(optionally) collect data from slave smokeping machines and update the 
.rrd files on the master for those devices the slave collects for.

You can stop smokeping and still have apache run smokeping.cgi and 
vis-versa (but then you'll either be not collecting new data or you will 
not be able to access the graphs/have the slaves update).

Another piece is the javascripts for interactive graphing.  These do not 
go in the cgi-bin directory since they are run on the user's browser 
instead of on the smokeping machine.

                                           -Russell Dwarshuis

On Thu, 6 Dec 2007, Doug Lochart wrote:

> Can someone explain how the piecs fit together?  Meaning what does the
> smokeping executable do and how does the smokeping.cgi  interact with the
> smokeping executable (daemon) ?
> thanks
> Doug
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