[smokeping-users] TelnetIOSPing connection timeout for high latency links

Bee Hock Goh beehock at mail.com
Wed Feb 14 08:52:57 CET 2007

Apparently, the timeout variable for TelnetIOSPing probe didnt work. I
had to edit the TelnetIOSPing.pm to amend the timeout value. Here' what I
get it to work: my $telnet = Net::Telnet->new("Timeout" => 20);default
value is 10s which is too short to do 20 pings for 500ms+ latency.

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    I am monitoring the latency btw Singapore to Cambodia/Banglandesh
    routers. As this two locations are on satellite, the normal
    latency is easily over 500ms and more. TelnetIOSPing encounter
    connection timeout most of the time.

    Whats the default timeout for TelnetIOSPing and can they be
    change to fix the issue?


     Bee Hock.


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