[smokeping-users] Integration into another Webpage

Wolfgang Hennerbichler wh at univie.ac.at
Mon Jul 2 16:19:25 CEST 2007


I'm testing smokeping for an Internet Exchange Point at the moment  
and it seems like a helpful tool to me. The only issue I have is that  
I would like to integrate the graphs into the webpage/portal of the  
IXP. I'd need the following functionality:

* sorting ICMP pings by latency and storing the results in a database
* "fetching" the computed rrd's from the smokeping host and showing  
them in the (secured) web-portal area. I would do this with some kind  
of http-proxy written in php or something.

So here are my questions:
* To not re-invent the wheel, did anybody write this sorting-function  
yet? I've looked into smokeping.pm, but am not really satisfied with  
the documentation in the code (eehrm... sorry, Toby), so I don't  
quite understand everything that's going on in there.
* Does anybody have an example how the rrd command looks like when  
graphing the 'last 30 hours' rrd?

Thank you for this great tool Tobi, and thanks for any replies in  

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