[smokeping-users] Upgrading Smokeping = losing datas of years?

kormen kormenx at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 16:12:14 CEST 2007


I upgrade the smokeping, and the smokeping give me 2 choices.

1, I lose 50% of the old smokepings rrds or
2, I lose 50% of the old smokeping ssds.

It's not good. My smokeping's rrd-s contains more than one years datas. 
IMHO that's not an alternative. I need this datas.

The error: Error: RRD parameter mismatch ('Wrong value of step: 
/var/lib/smokeping/Internet/Belso_halozat_bors/fout.rrd has 300, create 
string has 60'). You must delete 
/var/lib/smokeping/Internet/Belso_halozat_bors/fout.rrd or fix the 
configuration parameters.

I change the steps several months ago. but the smokeping not warn me.

i have a way to inport old datas to the new rrds?


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