[smokeping-users] Running smokeping inside a Virtual Machine

Frank Wegner fwegner at vmware.com
Wed May 16 14:19:25 CEST 2007

Hi smokeping Experts,


I like to know if you ever tried running smokeping inside a VMware virtual
machine (Debian Linux guest OS).


The effect I see is that when running smokeping on a physical box the network
is fine, but when running smokeping from inside a virtual machine a lot of
packets appear to be dropped. However, the network applications itself all
seem to be fine.


My guess is that maybe smokeping is very time sensitive. The virtual machine
clock has time jumps and irregularities in the millisecond range (up to 200
ms). So how well does smokeping cope with a system clock which does not
constantly show the correct time? Could this explain that some packets appear
as dropped (they could just have arrived at unexpected times)?


Thanks a lot in advance,



Best Regards.

Frank Wegner
http://www.vmware.com <http://www.vmware.com> 

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