[smokeping-users] Can smokeping daemon write out it's config?

Vinny Abello vinny at tellurian.com
Mon Nov 5 21:45:40 CET 2007

This is just wishful thinking and I think the answer is no, but I figured I'd ask anyway.

Is there any known way to extract the configuration that smokeping is using from the current running daemon? Long story short, my config file got overwritten accidentally and my backup software apparently thinks it's funny to randomly choose what to backup when I tell it to back up everything... so I was hoping there might be some way to make smokeping dump it's config... even if I have to reconstruct it. Worst case, I'll just look at all the rrd files and figure out what they were, but I was hoping for an easier solution. I have not reloaded smokeping since the file was overwritten so it is still running and happily dumping data to the rrd databases. The web site is now a very old copy of my config that I had just so the site comes up.

Any hope is greatly appreciated. :)


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