[smokeping-users] Gaps in Graphs

Scott Moseman scmoseman at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 20:50:25 CET 2007

We're running Smokeping 1.34.  Yes, I'm aware its old, but it's been
deployed forever and it's been working fine.  Lately we've been having
some weird issues with missed polls.  I have attached a sample showing
the last 3 hours and it includes 3 missed holes.  This happens across
every device in the Smokeping config.  We have a script that runs
every 5 minutes to update the config if there's new entries and part
of that process is to verify the process is running (and restart, or
start, if necessary).  It logs what's going on.  When the config
updates and Smokeping restarts, there's never a gap.  According to my
scripts, and looking at the age of the Smokeping process that's
running, these gaps were NOT caused by Smokeping having failed
execution.  Also, I setup a ping tool to monitor the switch, router
and an external address every SECOND for awhile.  There was never a
lack of connectivity during these gaps in Smokeping.  Is there any
means to troubleshoot?  I will enable the syslog function to see if it
provides any details about what's going on.

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