[smokeping-users] Multiple Probes

Scott Moseman scmoseman at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 21:34:39 CET 2007

Right now I'm using a single FPing probe for all of my devices.  We
have a lot of them, and many do not reply, but a "clean up" of the
data is not really an available option at this time.  We have a step
of 300 secs and it's beginning to occasionally take more than 300 secs
to complete.  In this instance, can I setup multiple FPing probes
(e.g. FPing1, FPing2, etc) and verify concurrentprobes is "yes" (which
I believe is the default)?  Is this going to do what I'm thinking it
will, which is running several FPing probes in parallel?

Our config file is automatically generated from a mgmt system.  Could
I have the mgmt system output the config with random (or sequentially
changing) probe=FPing* entries?  Or is there a better methodology for
distributing the probes among the devices?


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