[smokeping-users] Clear packetloss emails

Christopher Hubbard Christopher.Hubbard at clearwire.com
Tue Nov 27 20:46:28 CET 2007

I have been looking though the documentation, and am trying to find a
way to send an email when a clear event happens.  I know that there are
optional flags for edge triggering, but I don't want to use that as it
will make it so I have to rewrite my SNMP trap script again. (I am not a
really fast coder, grin) 


 What I am trying to do is once the check is done against the rules,
have an email sent when this rule is true;



Type = loss

Pattern = 0%, >1%

Comment = Packetloss has stopped.

Priority = 99



This way my script will fire off a SNMP trap that will be a clear for
the previous set on packetloss.  Does anyone have suggestions on how to
do this correctly?  

I am really trying to stay away from doing any major changes in
smokeping itself other than the base config file so the system remains




Christopher Hubbard

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