[smokeping-users] Clear packetloss emails

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Tue Nov 27 23:11:49 CET 2007

Hi Christopher,

> I have been looking though the documentation, and am trying to find a
> way to send an email when a clear event happens.  I know that there are
> optional flags for edge triggering, but I don't want to use that as it
> will make it so I have to rewrite my SNMP trap script again. (I am not a
> really fast coder, grin)

I have this ... note that the newest entry is the on the right side
of the pattern.

type = rtt
pattern = ==U,==U,!=U
comment = Box went online

type = rtt
pattern = !=U,==U,==U
comment = Box went offline

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