[smokeping-users] Satellite link - Packet Loss error

mlists at pinesalad.net mlists at pinesalad.net
Wed Oct 10 01:56:17 CEST 2007

Adrian M <adrian.minta <at> gmail.com> writes:

> On satellite links rtr > 580ms is not so uncommon.
> Unfortunately smokeping is not graphing right such links.
> Is there a way to fix this ?
> "-t 20000" has no effect, and the culprit seems to be fping :(

Hi Adrian,

We have Sat links that can be fairly high as well.
Usually between 600ms to 1700ms depending on conditions.

As I'm just setting up smokeping, I'm curious about the problem
your seeing and if you found a resolution.

If you still suspect fping, what version are you using?
I would also create a text file of the list of target hosts and 
feed it to fping to see how it responds.

fping -aef myhostlist.txt

sys1 (692 ms)
sys2 (832 ms)
sys3 (756 ms)
sys4 (819 ms)
sys5 (1092 ms)
sys6 (1375 ms)

So far I'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary but again, I 
just got things setup.  

If it helps we are using fping version 2.4b2_to_ipv6 without debian patch.

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