[smokeping-users] Slave/Master Again

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Thu Oct 11 19:55:06 CEST 2007

Hi Stephen,

> Things appears to work much better. Looking at the logs I finally found why my rrd could not be
> updated : It was because the apache daemon running with user:group apache:apache could not have write
> access to the /usr/local/smokping/var where the ~slave.rrd files where located on the master (because
> smokeping.cgi is run by apache, not root).

note that you might want to run smokeping unter a user account and
user suexec in your apache config to run cgis under that user
account as well.

> So everything is OK now, but I still  have one question  which is not answered :
> Assuming I have three environment, say envA, envB, envC containing host and objects to be measured,
> and assuming I want Master to poll envA, envB, envC and Slave to poll only envA, envB (because envC
> is not reachable form the Slave), how do I set the "slaves=" directives in order to tells the slave
> not monitoring envC ???? I have tried to set the "slaves=" directive specifically to envA and envB
> but I have the "ERROR: /usr/local/smokeping/etc/config, line 312: slave1 [slave2]" message.

I guess this is a syntax error ...

you can configure which slaves get which target by putting a]

host = ip1
slaves = slave_a slave_b
host = ip2
slaves = slave_a slave_b
host = ip3
slaves = slave_a



> Cheers to all of you,
> Stephen.

Tobi Oetiker, OETIKER+PARTNER AG, Aarweg 15 CH-4600 Olten
http://it.oetiker.ch tobi at oetiker.ch ++41 62 213 9902

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