[smokeping-users] Slave/Master Again

Jeff Terrell jsterrel at unc.edu
Wed Oct 17 17:06:43 CEST 2007

On Oct 10, 2007, at 9:19 PM, Jeff Terrell wrote:
> I am going to be setting up a couple more slaves soon, so hopefully  
> I'll be able to pay you back with some documentation improvements  
> soon. :-)

I looked over the "smokeping_master_slave" document on the web page,  
and there are several important things missing.  I think we could add  
a new section, "troubleshooting", to cover these points.  Here is  
what I have so far.  Comments and corrections are welcome.

o	The host names are expected to be short names.  Change fully- 
qualified slave names in the configuration to short names.  Do this  
even if the master and slave are in different domains.  (The master  
looks up configuration based on the name the slave uses to identify  
itself.  As long as there are not two slaves with the same short  
name, everything should be fine.)  You might also need to change the  
hostname of the slave so that it reports a short name with the  
`hostname` command.  (Or, install Smokeping version X.X.X or later  
and use the --slave-name option, e.g. '--slave-name=`hostname -s`'.)
o	The secrets file on the master is of the form "slave1:secret1 
\nslave2:secret2", but the secrets file on the slave should have only  
the secret of that slave.  For example, the secrets file on slave1  
will contain only "secret1".
o	Make sure that smokeping.cgi runs on the master with permissions  
that allow it to write to the data directory.
o	Beware selinux, which could cause strange and unreported  
permissions problems.

- The hostname patch needs to be in the next version.  Then, update  
the "X.X.X" to reflect the new version number.
- Speaking of the hostname patch, I think that might need to be  
tested.  I might be misremembering this, but I think I ended up using  
the patch on the master, but not on the slaves.  Or something like  

Stephen, do you have anything to add to this list?

-Jeff T.

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