[smokeping-users] RemoteFping to Multiple Machines

Martin Rheumer martinr at hotkey.net.au
Sat Sep 1 21:54:30 CEST 2007


Have been trying to get RemoteFping working to multiple machines.
Currently the amount of hosts my remote test machines have are
causing an issue trying to display the graphs on those machines.
So my idea was to use a faster machine for the display and to 
remote log in to the testers and collect the stats. It seems the
rhost option is only allowed once in the config though.



binary = /usr/bin/ssh # mandatory
rbinary = /usr/bin/fping # mandatory

hostinterval = 1.5
mininterval = 0.001
offset = 50%
packetsize = 5000
pings = 20
rhost = pth01 # mandatory

-- cut --

Host =
Host =
Host =

I would like to have 5 rhosts.

Is this possible ?


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