[smokeping-users] Did not resolve to a Sub Ref. Skipping [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

yilmaz.atag at abs.gov.au yilmaz.atag at abs.gov.au
Wed Sep 5 06:06:44 CEST 2007

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your response. I will look into my smokeping config
for any string that is out of place in the designated areas again and if
fails I will report back.



>Peter Kristolaitis wrote:
>Hi Yilmaz;

>I've never seen that particular error myself, but my gut feeling is that
>your config file got semi-corrupted somehow -- possibly someone had the
>string  'Mon Sep 3 05:34:06 2007' in their clipboard, and an inadvertent
>right-click inside the xterm pasted it into the config file.  Stranger
>things have been known to happen. :)

>The problem could be in either the *** Alerts *** section, or in the ***
>Targets *** section of your config... I would run a quick grep against
>your config file for that date string to see what comes up.   If that
>doesn't yield results, post back (with a redacted version of your config
>file, if possible -- no need for us to see IP addresses, hostnames,
>email addresses, etc, just the structure is fine) and we'll see what we
>can do to help out.

>Good luck!
>- Peter

>>yilmaz.atag at abs.gov.au wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have been receiving the following alert related warning in the
>> log  at 5 minute interval
>> WARNING: Alert 'Mon Sep  3 05:34:06 2007' did not resolve to a Sub Ref.
>> Skipping
>> Does anybody know the reason? I have smokeping-2.0.4 installed.
>> Thanks.
>> Yilmaz.

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