[smokeping-users] Smokeping performance tracking

Jon Greaves Jon.Greaves at attenda.net
Wed Sep 12 21:32:53 CEST 2007


>there is significant performane to be gained by having sufficient
>cache on your box so that all active rrds stay n cache ... in
>rrdtool 1.3 we did some work to reduce the 'pre rrd' cache
>requirements ...

We are going to look at deploying smokeping to a servers that have San
access so I guess diskio problems should be less of an issue but I will
look at what performance gain we can get from rrdtool 1.3

>if rrdtool does not finisch a round of updating in time, it will
>say so in its logs ...

We have seen this in the log but this really only provides a reactive
way to know you have a capacity problem it would be much nicer to see it
coming rather than waiting for it to happen.


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