[smokeping-users] problem with older version of fping

jacek k kucjac1 at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 3 11:24:41 CEST 2008


I have a smokeping (2.3.3) running on server with AIX and fping: "Version
2.2b1 $Date: 1997/01/08 20:29:33" - to test network connectivity.
Results are dumped to xml files and rsynced to box with linux were xml files
are restored to rrd (this operation is performed because of the platform
differences) and then displayed on www with smokeping.cgi.

All works fine but results are like 2-3 seconds instead of 20-30 mili
seconds - the problem is with fping - when I use fping: "Version 2.4b2_to
$Date: 2001/01/25 11:25:04" then everything is ok. (btw when I execute fping
from cmd line like 'fping -c 5 host' then both versions returns same

How can I convert the data that I have already gathered so there won't be
any difference when I start to use newer version of fping?
(I can post some png if necessary to visualize the problem)

Thank you,
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