[smokeping-users] Form based taget entry ...

Clif cdaniel at kc.rr.com
Fri Apr 11 05:26:34 CEST 2008

For years now , I've been utilizing smokeping to monitor for loss and
especially high latency on a large plant .   Adding and removing clients
from the config file is frequent .   I don't mind quickly editing the config
file , I would like for others in my group to also be able to at least add
targets , the last time I tried to have others edit entries, the config file
kept getting trashed . The process I gave them to use made a backup of the
config before edit so it was easy to fix.  


I keep meaning to sit down and create a form based process for entering the
targets .  Has anybody ever created either a client side or server side
solution for adding targets to the config file ?    


I've never understood exactly how to utilize the smokemail script , our
clients would never be able to run a perl script and some targets are
appliances so the smokemail was never important enough to figure out .
Perhaps it could be modified into a solution that could provide form based
entry  and submit to the smokeping server .  I've never seen a working of
example of the smokemail process. I like the idea of it but have never been
able to understand exactly how to configure it .     


I'm sure others must have wanted a form based entry solution , any ideas or
examples out there ?   

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