[smokeping-users] Blocks instead of lines on the smokeping detail graphs

Chris Wilson chris+smokeping at aptivate.org
Fri Apr 11 13:46:32 CEST 2008

Hi Zoe,

Zoe O'Connell wrote:

 > I have a strange problem with smokeping graphs - the horizontal line
 > in the detail graphs appears as a block, thus:
 > http://thunderchief.hotchilli.net/smokeping-example.png

I don't see anything obviously wrong with the graph, but from your
description I think you're complaining about the fact that the graph
lacks resolution, i.e. that each data point is five minutes wide.

This is a configuration problem, it means that your RRD is set to a
sufficiently low level of detail, e.g.:

	step     = 300 (seconds)

combined with trying to graph at high detail, e.g.

	"Last 4 Hours"    4h

which means that you do not actually have enough data in your RRD
databases to supply a more detailed graph, which is why the data points
are so wide.

If this is the case, please decrease the step or increase the width of
your smallest graph, stop smokeping, delete the rrd files and start
smokeping again.

If not, please could explain what's wrong with the graph in more detail?

Cheers, Chris.

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