[smokeping-users] Relation between step, pings and graphs

Kopecny Michal Michal.Kopecny at mafra.cz
Tue Dec 2 13:24:04 CET 2008


I did try to setup fping probe with
step     = 1
pings    = 3

And it was sending icmp but in log there was: "WARNING: smokeping took 2
seconds to complete 1 round of polling: "

So I changed step to number 2, it was sending icmp but there were no
I changed step to 3 and it started to work.
Then I changed pings from 3 to 30, deleted rrd files and once again it
was pinging but without graphs. This same goes for step=3, pings=5

So what am I missing ? What is the relation between step,pings ang
rrdtools ?




Smokeping version 2.000009
Debian Etch

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