[smokeping-users] monitor multiple wan connections from single smokeping server

Jon Bendtsen jbendtsen at laerdal.dk
Mon Feb 18 09:45:30 CET 2008

On 06/02/2008, at 08.35, Aaron Lewis wrote:

> I got to thinking about how I may use smokeping to monitor multiple
> wan connections from one server.  The LAN is a single subnet.
> Different hosts use different default gateways to get to the internet.
> Could I have a static route for each gateway, pinging targets that
> correspond to different gateways, and get up/down notifications by
> email?  Other ideas?

You should be able to give the smokeping server different static
routes to different external ip adresses. Just remember to make
the gateway the ip address of the router on the corresponding WAN.

I think that the gateway also has to be on the same network
as the smokeping server.

Watch out for return addresses if you use public ip addresses at your
smokeping server.


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