[smokeping-users] converted smokeping to work with thttpd

Stephen sageb1 at localhost
Fri Jan 25 11:00:19 CET 2008

I use thttpd and adapted smokeping to work with it.

The reasoning is that because I only monitor my LAN
and it has only 2-3 users, the router and cable model,
there is no real need to fping outside the LAN.

The only bug I found with my arrangement is that 
Debian Linux, especially the Ubuntu Linux fork, uses
/var/run as a tmpfs which means it is volatile.

This also means /var/run/smokeping has to be recreated 
and assigned for use by smokeping, and smokeping does 
not check for this.

One fix I saw checked for the existence of /var/run/smokeping
while running /etc/init.d/smokeping which means it checks
for the existence only if it is starting smokeping.

However, /var/run/smokeping can be checked at bootup and
created before smokeping is started. This saves having to
check for it everytime smokeping is started.

Which is actually more professional? checking for the directory
from /etc/init.d/smokeping, and if it doesn't exist, creating it 
and assigning permission to smokeping, or doing so from start-up?


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