[smokeping-users] Start off Y-axis with something other than 0ms?

David Tomic young_einstein at internode.on.net
Fri Jul 25 18:20:43 CEST 2008

A long time ago tobi wrote:

 >nope this is not possible at the moment ...
 >I implemented it that way, because on a link with 250ms I do not
 >usually care about tiny fluctuations ... can you explain about the
 >need for this ?

Hi tobi,

I realise that this thread is a bit old by now, but this is a feature 
that I'd REALLY like to have as well.

My particular reason for wanting it is because of the multi-target 
graphs that we've been able to use now since v2.2 was released.

For example: I've got a graph with a bunch of servers hosted in Europe 
that are all between 300-400ms [I'm in Australia, so that's a loooooong 
way away ;)], but the actual difference between the individual servers 
is typically only 20-30 ms between each host.

What that means is that I end up with a graph that has a huge empty 
space at the bottom - between 0-300ms - and then half a dozen graphs 
squeezed into the few pixels between 300-400ms.

The obvious side-effect of all that is that it becomes virtually 
impossible to see the individual hosts properly.

Here's an example of exactly what I'm talking about - 

However, if I had the option of starting the y-axis off at [say] 250ms, 
that would make everything much, MUCH easier to distinguish, because 
obviously all the hosts wouldn't be so compacted together.

Ideally, I'd really love for this to be something that could be set in 
the config options of each host/graph.

IE - Something along the lines of:

  ++ myhost1
  host = myhost1.example
  y-axis = 250

I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this ... and whether it's 
something that might possibly be considered for a future release at some 
  point in time?


--David Tomic

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