[smokeping-users] TCPPing probe doesn't generate data

jsg at internode.on.net jsg at internode.on.net
Mon Jun 16 04:58:50 CEST 2008

G.W. Haywood wrote:
> <snip>
> After the 'split' instruction, the Perl array @times should hold an IP
> address and some times.  The 'shift' instruction takes the IP out and
> puts it in the Perl scalar $ip, leaving the times in @times.  You can
> put something like
> print STDERR @times;
> where I put the comment "put debug statement here" and then look in
> the log (/var/log/messages?) to see what's in @times at that point.
> Have fun.

Okay ... I've done that, but I'm still not really seeing anything 
relevant printed in the /var/log/messages file.

I can see plenty of output from smokeping [from when I've restarted it], 
so it's definitely writing to that file, but I don't see anything about 
@times in there.

Should I still be using the modifications we made to /usr/bin/tcpping 
for all of this, or reverting back to the original configuration?  Does 
it actually make any difference?
> I'm sure this is all just because the format of the output of one of
> the utilities has been changed by one of the developers.  It happens
> all the time.  It only takes one extra space to screw things up if the
> interface between the parts is fragile.  It looks like it's fragile. :(

Fragile AND annoying! :P

Thanks again for your help!

--David Tomic

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