[smokeping-users] smoketrace starting

David Tomic young_einstein at internode.on.net
Tue Jun 17 02:30:49 CEST 2008

Hi Chandler,

Chandler, Mel wrote:
> I'm running 2.4.1
> When I click on the * for one of the targets, the window opens, it 
> displays the column labels, but no data.  The button says starting, 
> but nothing else happens.  Where did I go wrong?
That means that the cgi file [tr.cgi] isn't being executed properly.

The documentation included in the package actually has better 
information than what's online.


      Make sure your webserver can execute cgi files outside the cgi-bin
      directory. Maybe it is enough to create a /.htaccess/ file with
      the following contents into the smokeping web directory ($web).

       AddHandler cgi-script cgi
       Options ExecCGI

That worked fine for me running an Apache2 webserver, but obviously your 
mileage may vary depending on your configuration.

Here's the rest of the documentation as well.


      Copy |htdocs/script/Tr.js| to your smokeping web directory (NOT
      the cgi-bin directory!).

       mkdir $web/script
       cp $src/htdocs/script/Tr.js $web/script/


      Copy |htdocs/tr.html| to your smokeping web directory (NOT
      cgi-bin). Make sure the path, pointing to |Tr.js| is correct.

       cp $src/htdocs/tr.html $web/


      Copy |htdocs/resource| into the directory where you put |tr.html|

       cp -r $src/htdocs/resource $web/


      Copy /htdocs/tr.cgi.dist/ to the directory where you put
      |tr.html|. Change its name to |tr.cgi|. Edit |tr.cgi| to adjust
      the |use lib| line, to point to the smokeping perl library
      directory, as you did with |smokeping.cgi| and the smokeping daemon.

       cp $src/htdocs/tr.cgi.dist $web/tr.cgi


      Edit your config file and add the line:

       menuextra = <a target='_blank' href='tr.html{HOST}' class='{CLASS}' \
          onclick="window.open(this.href,this.target, \
          'width=800,height=500,toolbar=no,location=no,status=no,scrollbars=no'); \
          return false;">*</a>

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