[smokeping-users] Smokeping graphs from VMware slave is "choppy"

Bruce Mackey Bruce.Mackey at whalebacksystems.com
Mon May 5 19:50:04 CEST 2008


This may be true, especially for extremely sensitive applications like
you list, but I think for the 20 pings / 5 minutes that I have smokeping
set to it will be alright.  If I have a server that gets that busy, I'll
probably have other issues to worry about.  :-)  I'll be sure to report
any future issues with smokeping to the list.

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More a watcher then a participant, but this is a common problem with
anything that is time sensitive in any VM based implementation.  Voip
phone systems have the same issue with audio recording, playing back and
it becomes very evident with conferencing as the number of people in it
increases.  The solution for most of them is to get a hardware board
that they can use as a timing device (all analog to digital conversion
boards have a clock that you can sync to).

The adjustments mentioned do help but if the box becomes busy (do to any
VM's load) you'll still have the issue.

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