[smokeping-users] FPing alternative

Mike Lerley mike at rentageekme.com
Fri May 16 16:28:24 CEST 2008

On Apr 17, 2008, at 8:24 AM, Niko Tyni wrote:
>Thanks for the response. To provide more details: yes, the command  
>line is just as bad- actually, the description I gave is from the  
>command line, as it is much easier to run scenarios directly than by  
>modifying the smokeping configs. However, smokeping shows the same  
>behavior, and I used the same parameters as smokeping is when I was  
>testing. FPing was compiled from the source provided in the OpenBSD  
>4.2 ports tree, version 2.4b2_to. All devices being pinged are Linksys  
>RV082 routers, with various firmware versions, but only a handful of  
>these routers being monitored are showing the issue, so it's not an  
>inherent issue with the Linksys routers. It could well be something  
>with the links to the specific routers, but if so there is nothing I  
>can do about that (as they are public WAN links, and as such outside  
>my control), and therefore I would need a workaround, such as the  
>standard ping I mentioned (which is apparently not an option). Packet  
>size has no noticeable effect. What is so different between the  
>packets FPing sends and the packets ping sends that could cause this  
>difference anyway? Thanks again! 
>Israel Brewster
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I have just started experiencing the same thing pinging a Linksys WRV54G 
router.  I get exactly two pings back, and if I leave fping running in -l 
mode I get two more after 5 minutes or so, and occasionaly I get pairs 
returned after that.  Regular ping works perfectly.  I've never experienced 
this before.  I swapped out the previous router, a BEFSR41 that failed, and 
suddenly I'm unable to consistently ping the connection I did an hour ago.

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