[smokeping-users] Problems with detail graph scaling

Dan Hamilton dhamilton at wecreate.com
Tue May 20 21:17:46 CEST 2008

Hi Tobias,

I'm having an issue with scaling on the detail graphs, maybe similar to 
what other users were seeing thread "graph scale problem" last month. 
Also, there is a problem with the y axis labels on some graphs.

The label issue can be seen on the bottom overview graph on this page:

And in the middle overview graph on this page:

I've also seen this label issue happen on the detail graphs, though it 
doesn't seem to be happening at the moment.

The other issue is with the scaling on some of the detail graphs.  It 
appears that the top of the smoke is being chopped off sometimes.  For 
instance, this page:

The 3-hour graph only shows smoke up to 14ms, but in reality I know 
there should be peaks above 100ms.  The 30-hour graph is more realistic, 
taking into account the time compression.

I'm running Smokeping 2.3.6 and rrdtool 1.2.27.

Thanks in advance,

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