[smokeping-users] Graph cropping ... is this possible?

David Tomic tomic.david at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 09:35:12 CEST 2008

Hi all,

This is something which I've been pondering lately, and I'd just like to 
find out some other peoples opinions/thoughts on it as well.

So ... we can already crop/zoom graphs along the x-axis [time], but I'm 
just wondering whether it's also possible [at least in theory] to do the 
same thing along the y-axis [latency] as well?

It's just that sometimes graphs will have a massive spike in latency, 
but it only last for 1-2 cycles before returning to normal.

IE - A link that normally runs at ~20ms, spikes up to ~2,000ms [for 1-2 
rounds], then returns to ~20ms.

That makes it really hard to see smaller changes in the graphs, because 
they've been compressed so much by that massive spike.

If I had a way of cropping the y-axis though, then that would pretty 
much solve the problem.

So ... thoughts/comments/suggestions anyone?


PS - I realise that I can just try cropping the x-axis to remove the 
spike - which is what I'm actually doing at the moment - but that's 
really far from an ideal solution IMHO.

Not least of all because it makes it almost impossible to compare any 
extended period of time before/after the big spike.

IE - You have to crop the graph before the big spike, again afterwards, 
and even then you sometimes have the problem of the two halves ending up 
with a different y-axis maximum anyway.  Not good.

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