[smokeping-users] Smokeping graphs randomly stop generating

Westlake, Simon simon.westlake at twcable.com
Fri Sep 5 15:12:09 CEST 2008

> > I've recently upgraded my servers to Ubuntu 8 and have been 
> experiencing
> > a strange problem with Smokeping. I have Smokeping 
> distributed across a
> > couple of different servers and I'm having the same problem on both
> > servers. At random intervals (could be hours or days, but 
> is typically
> > hours) the graphs will just stop generating. The only log messages I
> > have when they die is 'MARK'. The daemon appears to be 
> running. If I do
> > an /etc/init.d/smokeping restart, the graphs begin 
> generating again. My
> > config is fairly basic, I'm only using fping/hping probes.
> It isn't clear to me whether the graphs aren't being generated or the
> ping processes aren't pinging.  Perhaps you could investigate further
> and let us know what you find.  Have you tried running Smokeping with
> the debug option for a few days?  If not I'd recommend it.  I run it
> that way routinely, disc space is cheap and you can rotate the logs.
> How long had you been running Smokeping before the upgrade to Ubuntu 8
> and on what system/distribution?  As you're having the same problem on
> both servers, it seems likely that it's, er, a hard software problem
> which should be relatively easy to track down.  I'm willing 
> to bet that
> it isn't random, we just don't know what events trigger it yet. :)

I suspect you are correct (in terms of the trigger). I set it run as
-debug--daemon today, so I'll see what happens.

I was previously running on Ubuntu 6 with no issues. I don't recall what
the smokeping/fping version was, but it hadn't been updated in some time
(it was pre-AJAX changes.)
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