[smokeping-users] Top 5 Hosts for each network

Rui Meireles rmeireles at tec.dsr.telecom.pt
Wed Sep 10 17:39:15 CEST 2008

Hi there.


I'm using smokeping to measure RTT in two networks. 

I have the Hosts divided in two Networks (Menus), like you can see in this



menu= WAN Links

title= WAN Links


++ Network1

menu = Network1

title = Network1


+++ Host1

menu = Host1

title = Host1 (

host =


+++ Host2

menu = Host2

title = Host2 (

host =




++ Network2

menu = Network2

title = Network2


+++ HostA

menu = HostA

title = HostA (

host =


+++ HostB

menu = HostB

title = HostB (

host =



What I want to do if to have the Charts of Interest (+ charts) by network.

That is, have the TOP 5 hosts for Network1, and the TOP 5 hosts for


How can I do this? I believe I need a more refined sorter, but can I filter
the Hosts by Hostname, or by network?

I would greatly appreciate any help.



Thanks in advance,

Rui Meireles


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