[smokeping-users] Problem with LDAP probe

Sipponen, Sami Sami.Sipponen at storaenso.com
Thu Apr 16 08:35:46 CEST 2009

> 'dpkg -s libnet-ldap-perl' is the command to check what you have installed.

Thanks, this has been very educative for me in many ways. :-)

>Are you aware that Debian Squeeze is not a released version?
5.0 (Lenny) was released in February. 'Squeeze' is the current testing version.

Yes I know this. I have always used testing release of Debian (even my *nix skills are not so high level) and it has worked perfectly for my purposes. I use testing release because it simply takes too long to get new apps to the stable release (at least for my patience).
>Assuming you've restarted smokeping after upgrading libnet-ldap-perl,
I'm pretty short on further ideas. Sorry. Maybe downgrading to
libnet-ldap-perl 1:0.36-1 from Lenny would help.

This was the solution for my problem. No more LDAP_SYNC_INFO or other errors after I downgraded to that version you suggested. So seems that there is a bug at the newer version of libnet-ldap-perl. I have now put this package to held so it won't be updated automagically... I will try newer version of libnet-ldap-perl than 1:0.39-1 when such is available at the future.

> > Apr 14 10:30:48 sensping1 smokeping[3719]: "LDAP_SYNC_INFO" is not exported by the Net::LDAP::Constant module at /usr/share/perl5/Net/LDAP/Intermediate.pm line 10

Regards, Sami Sipponen

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