[smokeping-users] "multihost" (using smokeping as GUI frontend only)

Kristoff Bonne kristoff.bonne at skypro.be
Mon Apr 20 16:06:48 CEST 2009

Hi All,

I use smokeping here for network measurement, however in a slightly
"different" configuration.

As I need to run the network-tests in distributed mode, but
security-rules descide that there can be no connection from outside
(where my "slaves" are located) to "inside" (where the central server
is), I need to use a different approuch.

- On the "slaves", I run a number of probes, just as seperate perl
programs, driven by crontab and storing their information into a local
mysql database.

- Our "master" periodely extracts this information from the slaves and
does a "rrdtool update" of a number of rrd-files locally on the

- Smokeping.cgi is then used, but only as a visualisation-tool.

In general, this works pretty good, with one exception: I cannot get the
"multihost" to work.

When I addapt the "/etc/smokeping/config" file in the way it is descibed
in the documentation, the smokeping.cgi script does not seams to
concider this to be a "multhost" graph. It just gives an error as follows:
"ERROR: opening '/var/lib/smokeping/Slave1/multihost.rrd': No such file
or directory"

So the GUI seams to think this is a "normal" graph and -hence- looks for
a matching rrd-file.

The strange this is that -when you actually make a real working
multihost setup on a test-server (as described in the documentation on
the websites), smokeping does NOT create any "multihost.rrd" file
anywhere on the test-server.
So, it seams to be that the GUI somehow knows this graph is a multihost
graph and must be processed differently.

So, the question is this:
How does smokeping.cgi differenciate between a "multihost" graph and a
normal one?

BTW. If somebody has idea about our setup, please feel free to comment.
The objectives I need are:
- distributed polling
- "master" must be located inside our network. Slaves are on the plain
- Communication can only be set up from the inside to outside
- The system needs to be able to keep on working if the communication
between the master and the slaves is interrupted.

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.

jabber/gtalk: kristoff at krbonne.net

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