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Dear everyene.

My name is Sang Chun, Choi and Korean.

I’m working for a network engineer in Sejong Telecom. (Sejong telecom is

In order to measure Quality of Internet line I’ve installed smokeping
(using the TelnetJunOSPing)


When I run smokeping to use TelnetJunOSPing, It was not shown any result.

Below thing is when I run “smokeping -debug” and additional infromation..


debian-TEST:/etc/smokeping# smokeping --debug

### assuming you are using an JunOS reporting in miliseconds


Smokeping version 2.003006 successfully launched.

Not entering multiprocess mode with '--debug'. Use '--debug-daemon' for

TelnetJunOSPing: probing 1 targets with step 300 s and offset 143 s.

TelnetJunOSPing: forks 5, timeout for each target 76

TelnetJunOSPing: www.yahoo.com: got 

Calling RRDs::update(/var/lib/smokeping/JunOS.rrd --template
uptime:loss:median:ping1:ping2:ping3:ping4:ping5 1240281910:U:5:U:U:U:U:U:U)


debian-TEST:/etc/smokeping/config.d# more Probes 

*** Probes ***




forks = 5

offset = 50%

packetsize = 100

#step = 300

timeout = 15


debian-TEST:/etc/smokeping/config.d# more Targets 


*** Targets ***


probe = TelnetJunOSPing


menu = Top

title = SejongTelecom Latency Grapher

remark = Welcome to the Sejongtelecom SmokePing website



#menu = JUNOS

#title = TelnetJUNOS



menu = yahoo

title = yahoo_test

host = www.yahoo.com

junosuser = tensaich

junospass = dlalghk

pings = 5

psource = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

source =



And.. I’m using smokeping 2.003006 on Debian (2.6.18-6-686)

Please let me know what’s the problem….OTL..




PS. Sorry for not doing english..



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