[smokeping-users] Holes in graphs

Peter Kristolaitis alter3d at alter3d.ca
Wed Apr 22 19:58:06 CEST 2009

The probe defined right under the "*** Targets ***" clause is treated as 
the default probe for all hosts if you don't specify one.   Explicitly 
specifying a probe for a host/host group is basically just an override.

The same logic is applied to pretty much everything in SmokePing's 
config file, by the way:  any time you go from a one configuration 
directive to a 'child' one (e.g. +option to ++suboption), the child 
inherits all of the options of the parent unless you override them, and 
the child's children inherit the overridden settings unless you override 
them again.

- Peter

(Sorry for the dupe email, Eric, just resending for the benefit of the 
list -- my original reply got queued for approval due to message size, 
and I figured it was easier to cancel it and just truncate the reply.)

Eric Chatham wrote:
> Looks pretty logical, thanks.  Would I have to define a probe for 
> **every** hostgroup if I did this, or could I leave the SIP_Cust 
> hostgroup (and other hostgroups, like TestCustomers, Employees, etc) 
> alone and as they are now?
> /Eric Chatham/
> /Broadvox MIS Department/
> /(216) 373-4683/
> /echatham at broadvox.net/

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