[smokeping-users] Curl probe question

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Wed Nov 11 21:40:58 CET 2009

Hello.. first-time smokeping user here, running Smokeping 2.3.6-1 and
curl 7.18.2-1ubuntu4.4 from Ubuntu.

I have smokeping working fine for ICMP and DNS checks, and am trying
to get some HTTP checks to work as well. I have a Curl probe
configured, and it seems to be working, except when the
web-site-to-be-monitored is down; the graph shows empty during that
time, and there is no "loss" shown on the graph (graph example at
http://www.fint.org/tmp/125797156413277_1257971564_1257969600.png  ),
and so, no loss alert was sent out.

My relevent config sections:

*** Probes ***
+ Curl
binary = /usr/bin/curl
step = 60
pings = 5
urlformat = http://%host%/

probe = Curl
menu = HTTP latency

+++ wh-mon01
alerts = someloss
host = wh-mon01
urlformat = http://%host%/

When the site-to-be-tested had its web service stopped, a manual curl
test was showing:
$ curl http://wh-mon01
curl: (7) couldn't connect to host

Is the Curl probe what I should be using for this? I'm not as
interested in HTTP latency as I am in alerting if/when the web server
is down.

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