[smokeping-users] [BUG] Config change does not propagage from included file (2.004002)

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Mon Apr 19 10:03:17 CEST 2010

Hi Claudius,

Today Claudius Zingerli wrote:

> Dear Smokeping users,
> Can anyone please confirm the following:
> - I have a main config file A and several included config files A-A, A-B,...
> - In all config files I define fping targets
> - If I add a new section in an included config file, it does not appear
> on the generated website. --reload does not help, killing smokeping neither.
> - Only if I touch the main config file, the changes appear on the website.

smokeping monitors the changetime of the main config file. when it
changes it reloads ...

when you run the smokeping deamon with --reload, this will reload
the daemon and it will start pinging the new targets. BUT the
webinterface runs independently. You would have to kill the speedy
instances ... OR touch the main smokeping config file.



> Maybe there is a secret switch which I did not figure out yet, maybe
> that is a feature... Or am I doing something completely wrong?
> (Smokeping 2.004002 from oss.oetiker.ch on RHEL 5, x64, fping 2.4b2 from
> RHN)
> Best regards
> Claudius
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