[smokeping-users] rrdtool libraries missing ?

Stijn Delen Stijn.Delen at iriscorporate.com
Wed Feb 17 13:12:17 CET 2010



My configuration is centos 5, rrdtool 1.4.2 (including dev package) and
smokeping 2.4.2

For the moment I have smokeping running as a daemon and the webpage is
partially up and running 

The problem is that the webpage does not display any data (I get red
cross icon where the png should be displayed)


I also have nagios and routers2.cgi up and running on the same box.  No
problems there


I have installed rrdtool using "rpm -I" and using "yum install"

(for yum I first added the DAG repositories)


According to the documentation of smokeping I should have 

use lib qw(/usr/pack/rrdtool-1.0.33-to/lib/perl); 


But I don't have any rrdtool libraries  ?!


A find / -name '*rrdtool*' gives me a few paths, but none of them
contains the libraries






I think the smokeping problem is related to the missing rrdtool
libraries ?

What do I need to do to get smokeping up and running ?


Thank in advance



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