[smokeping-users] no graphics

Hans MAYER mayer at iiasa.ac.at
Wed Jul 21 17:13:43 CEST 2010

Dear smokeping users

Environment: server: solaris 10, perl v5.8.4 , rrdtool-1.4.4 , apache-2.2.15 , smokeping-2.4.2
Browser: Mozilla firefox  3.6.6 or IE 8 at windows 7

I configured smokeping and the deamon is running very well. There is configured one target.
Apache was configured with a vhost and a dedicated cgi directory.
I copied these 2 cgi script to this directory.
When I try to navigate with the browser to my target I don't see any graphics.
Looking in the apache log, I see,
script not found or unable to stat: /usr/local/smokeping-2.4.2/cgi/cropper
this is correct as the cropper directory is not there (see error log v1)

I copied the directory cropper with subtrees to the cgi
Using any browser again no pictures.
Now the apache log says:
Permission denied: exec of '/usr/local/smokeping-2.4.2/cgi/cropper/lib/scriptaculous.js'
( see error log v2 )

This partially correct as this java-script is not executable, but is totally wrong as java-scripts should not and cannot be executed by the web server. This is a task for the browser ( IE or NS ) but not for apache. If I look at the cache dir the png files are there.

Now I am a little bit confused. Why does the system search for java-scripts in cgi directories.
It's not my first smokeping installation but to the others I installed, I don't have access anymore.
I am sure it's only a little miss configuration on my site, but I am looking around since a day and I cannot find it.
Any help would be nice.

Kind regards

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