[smokeping-users] [BUG] setting umask for new RRD files

Thomas Lobker thomas at speakup.nl
Tue May 4 17:29:46 CEST 2010

We are using Smokeping in a master slave setup. When adding a new target
in the Smokeping configuration, Smokeping automatically creates the
appropiate RRD file on the master server. This file should be writable
to the Apache2 user (in our case www-data) to allow updates from the
slave. For some reason Smokeping is forcing a umask 022 on the data
folder, rendering the RRD file not writable to the www-data group.

In the following file:

On the following line:
 line 4036/4624 (second line of sub 'main')

In the following version:
 Smokeping-2.4.2 (Actually tested in version 2.3.6)

In my honest opinion this behaviour should not be wanted, but please
correct me if I'm wrong. It would be great if this is customizable in
the Smokeping configuration in future versions.

Thank you!

Met vriendelijke groet,
Kind regards,

Thomas Lobker
SpeakUp BV
088-SPEAKUP (088-7732587)
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