[smokeping-users] [BUG] setting umask for new RRD files

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Tue May 4 18:10:45 CEST 2010

Hi Thomas,

Today Thomas Lobker wrote:

> We are using Smokeping in a master slave setup. When adding a new target
> in the Smokeping configuration, Smokeping automatically creates the
> appropiate RRD file on the master server. This file should be writable
> to the Apache2 user (in our case www-data) to allow updates from the
> slave. For some reason Smokeping is forcing a umask 022 on the data
> folder, rendering the RRD file not writable to the www-data group.
> In the following file:
>  /usr/share/perl5/smokeping/Smokeping.pm
> On the following line:
>  line 4036/4624 (second line of sub 'main')
> In the following version:
>  Smokeping-2.4.2 (Actually tested in version 2.3.6)
> In my honest opinion this behaviour should not be wanted, but please
> correct me if I'm wrong. It would be great if this is customizable in
> the Smokeping configuration in future versions.

you should be using suexec so that the cgi runs as the same user as
the daemon ...


> Thank you!

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