[smokeping-users] smokeping config file

G.W. Haywood ged at jubileegroup.co.uk
Sat Oct 16 21:32:10 CEST 2010

Hi there,

On Sat, 16 Oct 2010, Adam Hardy wrote:

> G.W. Haywood on 16/10/10 18:19, wrote:
> > Forget the Debian version.  Install from source.
> Really? It's installed already - it's running, it's just a couple of config
> tweaks away from working.
> Well hopefully.

Yes, hopefully. :)

> Installation from scratch looks like a lengthy job compared with the possibly
> just 2 problems with my current installation.

Relatively lengthy, perhaps.  In the absolute, I'm not so sure.

> Is your advice from experience or from knowledge that the Debian
> package is not well maintained or some such info?

My advice is from personal experience.  About two and a half years ago,
in my first tests of Smokeping, I gave up trying to get Debian version
to work and installed from source without problems.  Admittedly I had
some special requirements because of the complexities of my networks.
This was Debian 'Etch', I haven't tried the version of Smokeping which
is packaged with 'Lenny' although that's what I'm using now on all my
Debian machines.

In general my take on Debian is that it's two years out of date and
all patched to hell.  To put that in context, I run numerous Debian
machines and I believe that the Debian package update system itself is
second to none, which is why I run more Debian machines than any other
distro.  Unfortunately there's more to a system than just the system.
Very recently Debian has said that 'backports' will be made available
at backports.debian.org and that is to me a very welcome development.
It may change my 'take on Debian' but because of things like customers
having disasters and criminals breaking into my premises I haven't yet
had the chance to check it out.



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