[smokeping-users] inconsistencies in smokeping_config documentation ***Targets*** section

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Thu Dec 1 21:39:39 CET 2011

See comments following...

mic> At the beginning of the ***Targets***, just after the statement
mic> beginning with "The following variables can be set in this section:",
mic> the "alerts" are described as:

mic> A comma separated list of alerts to check for this target. The alerts
mic> have to be setup in the Alerts section. Alerts are inherited by child
mic> nodes. Use an empty alerts definition to remove inherited alerts from
mic> the current target and its children.

mic> Then in the Level 1 section that follows a few sentences later, it is
mic> written for alerts that:

mic>      Comma separated list of alert names

mic>      This variable inherits its value from the parent section if  
mic> nothing is specified here.

mic> So, the first statement says that "use an empty alert definition to  
mic> remove inherited alerts from the current target and its children".  
mic> Then in the section for configured targets it says: "This variable  
mic> inherits its value from the parent section if nothing is specified  
mic> here". These two statements clash, only one can be true. So, what is  
mic> the true statement?

[Provided I understand your question...]
I think what it's saying is:

If you leave a child section without any *explicitly* defined alerts, it
will get the alerts from its parent.

If you want to cancel/remove an alert for a child section, then define an
"empty" alert with the same name in the child and you don't get that
alert from the parent. If there are other alerts, you'll get those.

[And I'm pretty sure it works that way. I don't have any currently
configured child sections using this, but did one a while back and it
functioned as specified here - at least IIRC it did. I was using
2.4.something - but I haven't heard of any different behavior in


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