[smokeping-users] DSCP marking on ICMP pings

Stian Øvrevåge sovrevage at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 01:51:43 CET 2011

Hi all,

To measure and tune the quality of service among different traffic classes
in my network I'm eager to probe nodes with different DSCP markings.

However, I've not come up with a way to do this with smokeping, mainly

 - FPing, the ICMP probe, does not appear to support changing the
TOS/COS/DSCP header data.
 - The echoping probe does support changing TOS/COS/DSCP, but does not
support plain old ICMP pings. My environment makes it somewhat impossible to
rely on solely TCP/UDP echo pings.

Fixing one of these would be my favored solution.

Of workarounds one can start to fiddle with multiple IPs/interfaces on the
server and do marking somewhere else in the network but this is very
wasteful of resources and induces unneeded complexity.

Any ideas? Which of fping or echoping would I be most likely to succeed in
getting a change request fulfilled?

Stian Ovrevage
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