[smokeping-users] confusing average packet loss

Peter Kristolaitis alter3d at alter3d.ca
Thu Jan 20 14:38:46 CET 2011

You can accomplish this by changing the xff value of the RRD files so that a higher percentage of samples must be 'known' in order for data to be consolidated.  This is the second value in the lines defining the RRA records in the "*** Database ***" configuration section (for example, "AVERAGE  0.5   1   1008" has an xff of 0.5, meaning that you need to know 50% of the values in order to consolidate to a known value).

See the Smokeping (or better yet, rrdtool) docs for a full explanation of the math involved.   You'll have to figure out what xff value best suits your particular setup, however.

- Peter

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From: Miloš Šifalda <m009 at sifalda.net>
To: smokeping-users at lists.oetiker.ch
Subject: [smokeping-users] confusing average packet loss
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 12:49:56 +0100

Hi all,

I need to monitor real packet loss of company workstations.
For example these workstations are 60% time down. I get in 400days graph average packet loss 61%.
But I need average packet loss from the time when the workstation is up.

I can calculate with 100% packet loss = host down.
I need to set UNKNOWN value into rrd instead of 100% loss (maybe).
How can I do this, or is another way to get real values of average packet lost?


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